między nami jest chemia.

Tysiące kolorowych pigułek
i czekam.

Tak tak moje życie jest chemiczne ale...
pełne nadziei.

Data dodania22.07.2012, 05:33 Autor komentarzaadrfQmvSPg Powrót na góreDo góry
The debate prosces, and even the selection of one primary candidate to represent the party is ridiculous. I'd love to have a ballot with multiple candidates from each party. Why do they not do it that way? Probably because of money, with money being spread out so the GOP and DNC do not make as much money collectively as a party? I have voted in two elections and have invested my time, energy, and thoughts into each one. I did not want to be one of those careless voters who simply voted with their party; I wanted to be an informed voter with a knowledge of who I voted for and why I voted for that person. Ironically, every time I vote I become more disgusted and disinterested in politics and the way it is. I am convinced that unless some radical is put in office and truly shakes things up, nothing will change. Even if America were to elect some radical, the government is so far gone that the radical would not even be able to make any significant changes without upheaval. I have lost hope in politics. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was right: Politics are not the task of a Christian. All that to say: I'll still probably watch the debates during the intermissions of the Canucks/Bruins game. Haha!
Data dodania26.06.2012, 22:38 Autor komentarzaimmoral Powrót na góreDo góry
haha frau :P
ja obejrzałam już cały sezon.... drugiego jeszcze nie ma :/

i zaczełam dziś oglądać nowy serial : pretty little liars.
Data dodania26.06.2012, 22:21 Autor komentarzafrau-helga Powrót na góreDo góry
Obejrzałam 1. odcinek Client List.

O jaaa co za ciacha i człowiek nawet myśli o zmianie pracy :D
Data dodania26.06.2012, 14:15 Autor komentarzaimmoral Powrót na góreDo góry
ano samo życie Fram. samo życie ;)
Data dodania26.06.2012, 13:49 Autor komentarzaframbuesa Powrót na góreDo góry
Czasami, żeby coś osiągnąć trzeba coś innego poświęcić.


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